Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sara & Michael: Portland, Maine Wedding

Another wonderful wedding I had the pleasure to document with families and friends making their way up to Maine from the Washington, DC area. Sara was a Bridesmaid in Savannah & Alex's Boothbay Harbor wedding back in June. It is always nice to see my previous Bride & Grooms at weddings, as well as other familiar faces :)

The hustle and bustle of wedding day morning is always fun to be a part of, and the rooms used for getting ready are a story all on their own. Approximately 10 other people were in the suite so I'm not sure how it happened that this moment with just Sara materialized, but I'm glad it did

 photo IMG_3348b.jpg

The Kate Spades

 photo IMG_3323.jpg

Final helping hands from Sara's Mom and Sister

 photo IMG_3359.jpg

Stunning and ready to go to The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

 photo IMG_3389-2.jpg

Escorted by her proud Dad

 photo IMG_3750b.jpg

 photo IMG_3769ab.jpg

 photo IMG_3798.jpg

 photo IMG_3879-2.jpg

 photo IMG_3893.jpg

I Love this moment checking out their new rings. My favorite of the day :)

 photo IMG_3905.jpg

 photo IMG_3927b.jpg

The Kiss

 photo IMG_3929.jpg

Mr. & Mrs.!

 photo IMG_3946.jpg

 photo IMG_3971b.jpg

Then it was 2 FULL limos to get the wedding party down to the Marina where they boarded the Lucky Catch to cross Casco Bay for Peaks Island, and a night of celebration at the TEIA Club

 photo IMG_4027.jpg

When in Maine, and on a lobster boat...

 photo IMG_4125.jpg

Once we arrived, we had plenty of time to shoot some 'Alone Time' as the guests enjoyed cocktail hour. I LOVE when plenty of time for this is scheduled into the day!

 photo IMG_4168-2.jpg

Are they not a great looking couple?!

 photo IMG_4285.jpg

And very fun to shoot with

 photo IMG_4292.jpg

 photo IMG_4326.jpg

 photo IMG_4368.jpg

For Sara ;)

 photo IMG_4592.jpg

I think this is a great one to end on

 photo IMG_4729b.jpg

What a great day! The predicted rain held off until everyone was safely undercover for the evening...perfect. A big thank you to Sara and Michael for allowing me the pleasure of being a part of your wedding day! Wishing you all the best in your new life together.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Savannah & Alex: Boothbay Harbor, Maine Wedding

We had the pleasure of documenting Savannah and Alex's destination wedding at the Linekin Bay Resort in Boothbay Harbor last month. Savannah and Alex live in Washington, DC and chose the Boothbay Harbor area as this is where Savannah came to visit her Godparents each summer as she grew up. Alex also proposed to Savannah at the end of the dock at her Godparent's waterfront cottage, which Savannah told me is her "favorite place in the world".

 photo IMG_0248.jpg

 photo IMG_0339.jpg

The Dress

 photo File028.jpg

And the Beautiful Bouquet

 photo File086.jpg

Alex had sent a love letter, which brought Savannah to tears as she read it before their 'First Look'

 photo File236-2.jpg

After their 'First Look' they had a few minutes together before the ceremony

 photo File324.jpg

 photo File385-4.jpg

Then it was off to the ceremony. Savannah being shielded from the guest's view en-route

 photo File610.jpg

The beautiful Bride escorted by her Mother and Godfather

 photo File765.jpg

 photo File777bw.jpg

The intimate waterfront setting was spectacular. What a beautiful day for a wedding along the Maine coast!

 photo IMG_0959.jpg

 photo File790.jpg

I love joyous ceremonies filled with laughter!

 photo File889.jpg


 photo File986.jpg

I REALLY like Savannah's reaction to being announced, "Mr. and Mrs." by her Godmother :)

 photo File1002.jpg

A great kiss to seal the deal!

 photo File1006.jpg

Mr. & Mrs.!

 photo IMG_1033.jpg

Savannah loves to sail, so immediately after the ceremony we jumped in a dingy and went out to do some pictures on this sailboat while their guests enjoyed cocktail hour. It was quite the little adventure as the wind was quite 'gusty' to say the least, and if you spend time on the water you know that wind = chop! I loved this idea/plan so much! It's sooooo wonderful when my couples have fun ideas of what they want, and are adventurous enough to make it a reality :)

 photo File1126LB.jpg

 photo File1163-2.jpg

We made it safely back to shore and had a few minutes of 'Alone Time' before dinner service

 photo IMG_1882.jpg

 photo IMG_1903.jpg

 photo IMG_1925.jpg

 photo IMG_1946.jpg

 photo IMG_1963-2.jpg

Then it was time for dinner service. Savannah really wanted to to get back outside during the 'Golden Hour' if at all possible. As soon as dinner was completed, we raced back outside just in time to catch the last of the day's golden light

 photo IMG_2259.jpg

And then it was gone. I love the light in this one right at dusk

 photo IMG_2286_LB.jpg

Savannah and Alex then rejoined their families and friends for a night of celebration. I will end with a few of the Newlyweds enjoying their first dance together

 photo IMG_2362.jpg

 photo IMG_1509.jpg

 photo IMG_2399.jpg

Thank you so much Savannah and Alex, for allowing us the pleasure of being a part of your most special day! It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people. You and your families made us feel right at home. We wish you all the best!