Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Moose X-ING

Due to this mornings weather I decided to take the kids to school so we wouldn't have to wait for the bus in the drizzle. When I returned home I noticed this BIG visitor down in the front yard. We get lots of wildlife roaming through our property, but no moose since this spring (will post some pics of the little moose from this spring soon).

He stayed for a while and let me get relatively close, but then he decided he had had enough of me and headed back where he came from. I was glad he decided to go that way instead of my way because I had slowly worked my way quite close to him and I was in the wide open with no safety within a hundred feet if he had decided to come at me, and as it is getting deeper into Fall and closer to their Rut Season you never know how the bulls will react. But close is worth it, gives you an adrenaline rush to get up close to these monsters!

And as he started to "get away from me" I started to rush towards him to get a few more shots which actually made him start to run off, and then he crashed into the woods and was gone...

Cool way to start the day!! :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day

Last Wednesday was the first day of school for the kids. We have to get up at dawn (5:30) in order to make a 7:00 bus for school that starts at 8:05 (and we live within 2 miles of the school, figure that out). It is barely light and usually quite chilly....

The favorite thing to do while waiting for the bus is throwing rocks across the road...

Saying goodbye...and the dogs sadly moped all day after the kids left

And then they left. At least one of them has always been home since Lex was born over 10 years ago...a HUGE part of ME got on the bus too...(sigh)