Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Wishing a peaceful and safe Veteran's Day to all my fellow Vets out there. Special shout-out to my brothers and sisters of the 4th ID. The 1st Brigade of the 4th ID captured Saddam Hussein, former President of Iraq, on 13 December 2003. To date we have lost 310 brave soldiers from the 4th in Iraq who were sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, uncles and aunts.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Andrea & Chris: Wedding

Andrea & Chris are friends of one of my wonderful 2008 wedding couples, Alisha & Mike. When Andrea first contacted me back in January she told me I was "highly recommended" by Alisha and that she had seen all of their wedding pictures. This of course gave me the warm fuzzies and we were off to a great start! :) Referrals work both ways to me. I adore all of my incredible wedding clients, so when one of their friends contact me to document their wedding event I know right away that 1) They must also be a wonderful couple and 2) That I will connect with them and their wedding event will be a pleasure to be a part of! With this theory I am batting 1.000.

Andrea & Chris live in New Hampshire but planned to get married in the Brunswick area, her home town. We met in Augusta this spring on one of their trips up to work on their arrangements and I was instantly 'at home' with them. Now the hard part...waiting until October to see them again and shoot their wedding. Once I meet with my couples I am ready to shoot their wedding the next weekend, I get so excited!

October finally arrived!

Andrea and the ladies got ready at Andrea's parents house and here are a few of the Bride's details...

I didn't shoot the guys getting ready so it was nice that the rings were with the bridal party

A little mimosa toast to get the day started is always in order :)

I was pleasantly surprised when Alisha arrived to do Andrea's makeup! I assumed I would see her at the wedding but this gave us a chance to talk and catch up a little. Always great to see my past brides :)

The dress

Moments after putting her dress on. Gorgeous!

All of Andrea's bridal party signed the bottom of her shoes :)

The very touching and beautiful ceremony, which was filled with laughter and tears, was held at the South Freeport Church

I REALLY like this moment

You know I love a close-up of the hands during the ceremony

Roses for the moms

The Kiss

Mr. & Mrs.

As you know, I LOVE when my couples make sure to schedule time for us to get away and shoot some 'Alone Time' images! Either before or after the ceremony, or both. It is THE BEST thing you can do when planning your time-line for the day. Andrea and Chris did just that so right after the ceremony we headed to the water and got some great portraits. It was COLD at this point in the day and the wind was picking up but they hung in there and did an AMAZING job!

I told them as we were shooting that their pictures were looking like shots for Bridal/Wedding Magazines. I'm not sure if they believed me at the moment, they should now :)

Yeah, Chris was diggin' it ;)

The whole gang

Then it was into the warm vehicles and off to the Brunswick Golf Club for a rocking night of celebrating (yes Chris, top 5 ;-) )

First Dance

Mmmmmmm, cake! (love the Autumn colors)

This makes me laugh. Looks like Andrea is expecting cake in her face but hoping not! Chris was a gentleman :)

Yet another GREAT wedding weekend! Thank you Andrea & Chris for the pleasure to be a part of it all! The day was wonderful. The weather cooperated and was spectacular, your ceremony was beautiful, you rocked your 'Alone Time" portraits, your celebration was a blast, very fun families and friends!! Couldn't have a more perfect wedding. Congratulations and all the best to you!