Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Little S.O.M. !!!

..........was awarded the 'Student Of The Month' for the month of September in her 1st Grade Class! :) I am sooo proud of her!!! She has worked very hard and is very deserving. The 'write-up' of her which accompanies the award was full of wonderful comments about Emi, and the phone call I received from her teacher previous to the award ceremony was a very nice one in which some very nice things were said about her as well.

Other school news.....Lex just wrapped up the soccer season this past Monday. After a tough rebuilding season, her team was eliminated in the first round of the tourney. Lex is now eager for Basketball to start :)

Perfect crisp, clean, fall weather prevailed all season for every game. It's funny, Lex seems so big at home compared to Jack &Emi but when she is on the field as a 5th grader she sure doesn't look as big next to the 8th grade girls she plays against. But she holds her own and is off to a great start in her soccer career :)