Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jackie & Mike: York Harbor, Maine Wedding

Jackie and Mike started out as most of my out-of-state clients do, by contacting me through my website's contact page. After some e-mails back and forth discussing details, we were able to coordinate a meeting for the day they would be up in Maine from Cambridge, MA, checking out possible venues for their big day. I met Jackie and Mike, (and Mike's mom whose was visiting from Colorado), in downtown Portland right after they fell in love with the York Harbor Inn for their venue...and I fell in love with them. I've never enjoyed a meeting with potential clients more than I did meeting with them. I loved their story (a love story that everyone should hear), I loved how in love they were/are, I loved how comfortable sitting and talking with them was...I could have sat and visited all afternoon. By the end of our first face to face, we had come to a mutual agreement that we would spend their wedding day together. I walked away, and made the 2 hour drive home, filled with the excitement of what an amazing wedding weekend this was going to be...for many reasons. It was.

 photo IMG_8043.jpg

We started Saturday morning with Jackie at Euphoria Spa & Salon
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 photo IMG_4343b.jpg

Then it was back to the Inn where the guys were getting ready.

Mike putting on his grandfather's cufflinks
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 photo IMG_4540.jpg

 photo IMG_4566b.jpg

Mike lending a hand to his friend and groomsman
 photo IMG_4582b.jpg

By now the beautiful flowers by Brenda's Bloomers had arrived from Cape Neddic
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 photo IMG_4813.jpg

 photo IMG_4658.jpg

The ladies had returned from the Salon and Jackie was ready to put on The Dress
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 photo IMG_4865.jpg

 photo IMG_4937b.jpg

Jackie's mom finishing the lacing-up. Jackie made such a beautiful bride!
 photo IMG_4966.jpg

The rings...
 photo IMG_5050.jpg

...and the handsome ring bearer, Malcolm (Jackie & Mike's 1st child), who made the trip up from Cambridge too
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Jackie's dad had just seen her for the first time today, as she came down the stairs all ready
 photo IMG_5092.jpg

Very emotional day, for all involved. Two very close and loving families who raised two very loving children. The closeness and the bonds that they all had was such a pleasure to be around. As a photographer I certainly cherish such moments between close families, and this is why I love documenting weddings.
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Ready to go
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Short stroll to cross the road (as the actual wedding location is just across the road)
 photo IMG_0189.jpg

Mike found it helpful for his excitement/nerves/anticipation to face the ocean and just breathe (I'm telling you, he's crazy in love with this girl about to join him) :)
 photo IMG_5330.jpg

Here comes Malcolm!
 photo IMG_5348.jpg

How adorable are these two?!?
 photo IMG_5380.jpg

Jackie's dad bringing her down to join Mike
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The intimate ceremony overlooking the ocean
 photo IMG_0210.jpg

Wiping tears from her cheek
 photo IMG_5458.jpg

Small adjustment for Mike (I thought it was really sweet how they constantly touched and displayed affections for one another during the ceremony)
 photo IMG_5466.jpg

 photo IMG_5556c.jpg

 photo IMG_5571.jpg

Amidst the tears of joy there was also lots of laughter between them
 photo IMG_5538.jpg

Kisses for mommy when he finally was able to bring the rings to them
 photo IMG_5586.jpg

 photo IMG_5619.jpg

 photo IMG_5627.jpg

The Kiss
 photo IMG_5656.jpg

...that lasted (as it should!)
 photo IMG_5664.jpg

Mr. & Mrs.
 photo IMG_5691-3a.jpg

Right after they walked off, they found a quiet spot to be alone for a moment and enjoyed the view
 photo IMG_5801.jpg

We then had a little time to take some beautiful pictures along the cliffs as the guests enjoy cocktail hour
 photo IMG_6469a.jpg

Such an amazing couple to shoot with, so fun to just let them interact naturally! Mike checking out his wife's new ring finger
 photo IMG_6494.jpg

 photo IMG_6517.jpg

We then made our way back inside to join their family and closest friends for some celebration
 photo IMG_6632.jpg

They were having SO much fun :)
 photo IMG_7529.jpg

As was the flower girl with her dad
 photo IMG_6958.jpg

Yes,there was a beautiful cake. In addition to the wedding cake, Mike had requested a Bruins cake as well (yes, the B's were still in the hunt at the time)...made of THE yummiest red velvet I have personally ever had ;)
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 photo IMG_7542.jpg

After the afternoon, indoor reception ended, we had a little more time to sneak away before the evening backyard party began
 photo IMG_7571.jpg

 photo IMG_7701.jpg

We took the above two right around the Inn's property, then made our way back down to some cliffs along the ocean
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 photo IMG_0657crop_a1.jpg

 photo IMG_7961.jpg

Then it was off to the evening portion of the celebration, with some bocce, s'mores, and fireside relaxation and visiting with their families and friends
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 photo IMG_8298.jpg

The official 'shoe measurement' ;)
 photo IMG_8289-2.jpg

Time out for s'mores!
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 photo IMG_8346.jpg

A little halftime bocce strategy...
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 photo IMG_8260.jpg

 photo IMG_8272.jpg

...pays off for the Newlyweds
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Absolutely amazing wedding weekend! We had such a great time. Thank you so much Jackie and Mike, for allowing us the honor and the pleasure of being a part of your most special day! We wish you a lifetime of being as in-love as you are now.