Monday, August 20, 2007

Meet Michelle

Just yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Michelle to shoot her Senior Portraits. I know what my regular Blog followers are thinking...and yes, this is exceptionaly quick for me to post SO soon after :p

We were scheduled to shoot a few days ago but shortly before our session the dark clouds rolled in and it began to rain.

The weather has been a bit odd as of late so I was happy that we could do this on our second attempt. It was a really nice evening, except for the mosquitos that at times were a bit distracting (to say the least).

Michelle is a beautiful young lady with a very outgoing personality and we had a lot of fun just strolling around her neighborhood looking for locations to stop and take pictures. The entire neighborhood extended their hospitality by offering their yards for our use. Really nice :)

Here are a few from our session together (be sure to click to enlarge)

Her very pretty, natural smile is almost permanently affixed to her face (which of course is a wonderful thing!) and it was actually a challenge for her to look serious when asked. She would try really hard and that would just make us crack-up laughing, which made it even harder for her to try and compose herself into a serious state. The effort was cute...and now and then she actually managed to do it :)

I had to include this last one because I love locations/spots that have special meaning to the person I am shooting with. Michelle has been climbing this tree in her front yard since she was 4 years old! I took my eyes off from her for only a moment to adjust my camera settings and in a FLASH she was in the tree :)

Great job Michelle! It was really fun meeting you (and your family) and having the privilege of shooting your Seniors :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kathryn & Rob: Taking Portland By Storm

Monday found me back in the Portland area. I spent the afternoon visiting with my Dear Friends Cynthia & Glenn, then at 5:30 I met up with Kathryn & Rob to shoot their HOT E-Session! I hadn't seen Kathryn and Rob since we met back in the Spring so I had been very anxious to get together with them all summer long, excited to learn more about them and of course shoot with them :)

We started out in the Old Port section of Portland, to get some "urban feel" for their images. I love the possiblities of shooting in an urban environment, it is really growing on me as a favorite style of location!

I chose this first image to be first because it shows Kathryn and Rob completely natural, they were interacting with some people passing by who were commenting on their engagement and congratulating them on their upcoming wedding :) What a great moment! It is rare to get a true photojournalistic image while doing a portrait-style session. But for this brief moment they were not having their picture taken...they were interacting naturally with some friendly strangers, and 'voila' I was able to capture a few really relaxed, natural images of them. I loved it!!

*As always, click 'em to enlarge 'em!
Meet Kathryn and Rob:

Then it was back to business ;)

I have to take a moment here to mention how GREAT this wonderful couple did during the session. They were such naturals. It was like working with a couple of models who knew exactly how to position themselves, expressions, everything! :) I actually asked them at one point if they had modeled in the past. For example...I asked them to walk hand-in-hand down this street towards me for a few shots and the next thing I knew, Rob spun Kathryn around and dipped her! There was even a truck wanting to come down the street that had to wait, and of course it caused all the people on the sidewalks to stop and stare! IT WAS GREAT!! :) Way to go Rob!

I couldn't decide which version of this image to post here so I am posting 3 version :)

It's fun to see the reaction of the people around when shooting a session like this. Some people stop and look a long time trying to figure out if the subjects are famous or just what is going on :)

This next image made me think of a few people passing by that really slowed down and I could see on their faces that they were trying so hard to determine if they recognized my "models" ;)

Now don't you think that Kathryn & Rob could be doing Calvin Klein ads?! I do!!

At this point the sun was getting low on the horizon so we decided to let Portland cool off ;) and we headed across the bridge and off to Ft. Williams where Rob had surpised Kathryn with his proposal.

The park closes at 8:00 I believe, so by now we had not only lost decent light but we were being hurried out of the park. As we made our way back to the car the beatutiful color of the ocean drew us over to it for a few last shots despite the warnings being broadcast over loadspeakers by the Park Rangers that, "if you fail to leave NOW the gates will be locked...".

Well we risked being locked in the park all night to get this image (the sun was down, the pink of the ocean was reflecting from the pink clouds...just beautiful!)

Once again, I have to say I get the NICEST couples as clients!! I truly do. Other photographers should be jealous of me getting the great couples ;)
I absolutely love shooting E-Sessions with my couples. Not only do we get great images (and all couples should have nice photographs of themselves), but it is such a great way to get to know, and bond with, my couples. It is great fun as well as productive. And I found a perspective assistant too (right Kathryn?) !! :D
A big thank you to Kathryn and Rob for a wonderful evening together. Thank you for sharing your fun, personal stories with me while driving around :) Not to rush time by, but I can't wait until October 5th & 6th!!