Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kara & Shamit: Boothbay, Maine Wedding

I spoke with Shamit during the week leading up to he and Kara's wedding, and he asked me if I had been tracking the hurricane. Yes, hurricane Earl was blasting up the east coast and was due to hit Maine by weekend...Kara and Shamit's wedding weekend along the Maine coast. The good news was that Earl was a fast moving storm and was predicted to hit Maine Friday evening and be gone by Saturday mid-day. Fingers crossed. Friday evening, as we gathered for rehearsal at the beautiful Bold Colorful Life Inn, the dark clouds began to fill the sky. The storm held off through the rehearsal, but not for long. Right on schedule Earl hit and Friday night was a wild, windy, soaking wet night. I woke up Saturday morning to the warm early September sunshine and let out a sigh of relief! It was going to be a beautiful day for the wedding :)

When I arrived back at the Bold Colorful Life Inn, the place had come alive with family and friends who had come from all across the country and across the globe to be a part of this joyous celebration.

The kitchen table was filled with flowers

Kara's bouquet

As Kara and I walked the property on Friday, we found some special little rocks tucked along the stone walls and I knew I had to shoot their rings with them :)

The Inn was built using a lot of old farm/barn materials which made for great contrasts with Kara's dress...

...and shoes

The ceremony was held down by the pond and was officiated by the wonderful Sally Bullard of A Maine Wedding . I have worked with Sally before and it is always a pleasure and was great seeing her again.

I don't think Shamit stopped smiling at Kara throughout the entire ceremony :)

Exchanging rings

The Kiss

Mr. & Mrs.!!

Kara and Shamit made sure to plan for plenty of time for us to stroll along the property shooting 'Alone Time' portraits as their guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, which you know I love when my couples do this!

We started near the pond under an old apple tree.

Next, we went to the library for a few minutes

Then we headed down to the waterfront, which was no easy walk to say the least (especially in heels!) as parts of the trail leading down are quite rough and filled with loose rocks and sticks/branches but Kara and Shamit knew that they wanted some great portraits in this area that we scouted out the previous day and were willing to do whatever it took! I love my clients! :)

On our way down we passed through this area in the woods that was absolutely flooded with the golden light of the setting sun. I think the results are amazing and this is one of my favorites of the day.

We found a small, rundown shack in the woods which was the perfect contrast for Kara to work her gorgeousness!

Once we actually made it down to the waterfront, the setting sun gave us the most amazing light to work with! Sometimes things just work out to perfection ;)

I love just stepping back and letting them enjoy the moment, it offers such wonderful, intimate pictures

We took a different route on our way back to the Inn and passed through this section of woods that was very dark and the moodiness, if you will, made for such a unique portrait and another of my favorites from the day :)

Well we made it back safe and sound to the delight of the guests who patiently waited as we were off shooting 'Alone Time' Portraits, the celebration began and went well into the night! I will end with this great dip during their first dance ;)

I had such a great time being a part of this wonderful celebration, a huge thank you to Kara and Shamit for allowing me the chance to be a part of it! I thoroughly enjoyed having so much time with you both in such a short amount of time (only about a month between the E-Session and Wedding)! I wish you all the best in your new life!


Kara McManus said...

Wow, Brent! You certainly don't disappoint--these are amazing. I can't wait to see the rest!

Kara McManus said...

PS. THANK YOU (a million times over)!

Sarah said...

These are so beautiful - the lighting is amazing! I love the woods shot with the sunlight shinning through the trees!

Alex said...

Absolutely amazing photos. Captured the whole celebration perfectly!

surrealswirls said...

Kara, you and Shamit look absolutely fantastic and your love really comes through in these photos. I especially LOVE the one with the sun coming through the forest. I really wish I could have been there. Congratulations to you both! I'm so happy for you two. You're going to have hot babies! Love, Livie

Trudy said...

Kara, these photos are amazing! What a beautiful, magical day.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful. They made me cry for like the fourth time since Kara started planning the wedding. Brent, thanks for giving us a sneak peak at these pictures. And, thanks for not laughing too hard when the bed broke underneath the bride's mother, me, and our pregnant friend!
-Alison G.

Marcie said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

Melissa said...

Dear Brent,
You are an amazingly gifted photographer...your vision, your heart, your photographic skills, all wonderful.
I am delighted to see how you matched the youthful essence of Kara and Shamit with the historical essence of my Inn and captured the event so truly.

Some of my favorites include the wedding dress on the ladder in the Great Room, the accessories on the drum, Kara in the waterfront shed, and all those that show the depth of the love between these two delightful human beings. Bravo! Thanks!
Warm wishes, Melissa Thornton,
Owner, Bold Colorful Life Inn and Retreat Center, Boothbay, Maine

PS As the Bold Colorful Life Inn grows and becomes the 'destination wedding site' for more couples, I will be sure to refer them to you so that they are aware of you and your skills. How long will Kara and Shamit's wedding pictures be on your site?

SSuri said...

Wow, these are simply beautiful. I'm sad I couldn't make the wedding, but happy to look such beautiful snaps of the day. The lighting in these is awesome. Congrats Kara and Shamit!

well-to-do said...

These are quite possibly the most beautiful wedding photos I've ever seen (and I'm not just saying that because I adore and admire the bride). WOW. I'm going to look you up, Brent, for future events!

Molly Perry said...

AMAZING!!! I wish I had found you for MY wedding!! So BEAUTIFUL I will recommend you to every bride I know!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of Kara's wedding dress and accessories. They're the most creative I've seen.

Megan McManus said...

All the pictures of Kara and Shamit are perfect. Each one I look at becomes my favorite ... until I see the next one ... and then the next one. Brent truly captured their love for each other in these pictures.

Christine Bouchea said...

Faboosh! Couldn't ask for a more gorgeous couple, or more beautiful photos. All kinds of lovely.

Angie said...

These pictures are absolutely exquisite! I love them all, especially the one of Kara sitting on the couch in her gorgeous gown. These pictures truly captured what a magical day it was for Kara and Shamit.

Zach said...

This is an amazing set of pictures that captured an amazing day!

mfisher520 said...
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